I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer from Toronto, Ontario

Photo of me Stephanie Paquete

Hi There! My name is Stephanie Paquete and I am a Humber student completing my graduate diploma in Media Communications. I am passionate about graphic design, digital design and all things creative. I enjoy video editing, photography and web design; and I aspired to work within a graphic design or digital design company and field. 

I have 2 years experience of freelance design and photography through a  business account I created on Instagram called Paquete Studio (which you can follow below!) I actively post content and respond to comments and DMs. Iv’e created business cards and digital illustrations for various people. I currently have completed 3 online courses and received 3 different certificates for graphic design-through Udemy Masterclass, web design-through Udemy Masterclass and Media Communications MAM (Making Accessible Media)-through Humber College.